intellectually gifted

Many people believe being intellectually gifted is purely an asset.  However, the intellectually gifted person's brain processes information differently, and you deserve to have a psychologist who understands the unique factors that make you who you are. 

Intellectually gifted people can display one, or many intensities: intellectual, sensual, imaginational, psychomotor, and emotional.  At times these intensities can appear as symptoms for other diagnoses, so it is important to work with someone who can understand these intensities.   You can learn how to live with, or parent a child with these intensities.

So smart it hurts

Some gifted students do not perform well at school.  Some hyper-focus on topics they find interesting, and neglect, or skip over the work of other subjects.  Other students are bored in their classes and find other forms of distraction, often through misbehavior.

Many intellectually gifted people struggle to fit in socially and may feel pressured to appear less intelligent.

Others don't learn how to handle stress and rigor of school as studies show as many as 60 percent of gifted children drop out of college. 

There is a solution

Gifted people can learn how to adapt to new situations and find ways to connect and belong.  There is a difference between intelligence and achievement.  Together we can discover what makes you unique and how to cope with life's challenges.  

I can help support families learn how to raise a gifted, or twice exceptional child.

I can help intelligent adults learn how to adapt to new situations and to connect to others.  You can have meaningful work, leisure and relationships.


Link: Tips for selecting the right gifted therapist for your child